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Simple & Reliable Over 50s Cover

Why Get A Guaranteed Over 50s Plan

  • Guaranteed acceptance if you’re 50+. 

  • No medical questions.

  • A premium of your choice.

  • Option to be fully covered after just 6 months.

  • Immediate cover for accidental death.

  • Fixed monthly payments.

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Your Welcome Gift


With your Over 50s Life Insurance Plan, you will get a gift card worth up to £100 to spend at places such as Amazon, Argos and M&S.


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Answers to your questions.

How much cover do I need?

Most people take out £5000 – £10,000, but it may help to know that the avergae cost of a funeral in the UK is £4,056.

How much does over 50s life insurance cost?

Based on your age and the premium you choose, life insurance for over 50s could cost you anything from £10 to £74 a month.


Am I guaranteed to be accepted?

Yes, you are guaranteed to be acceptance.


Do I have to answer any medical questions?

You can choose if you would like to answer our two medical questions or not. If you don’t answer them, you will be offered  a standard premium, sum assured and a two-year qualifying period. If you do choose to answer them, you might be offered a discounted premium, increased sum assured and a six-month qualifying period.


How will my loved ones get the money when I die?

Whoever you nominated to receive the money will need to complete and return a claim form to us together with any additional information we need. Once approved, we will pay the lump sum as quickly as possible.


Will my life insurance payments ever go up?

No. One of the best features of our life insurance for over 50s is that we guarantee to never increase your monthly premium.