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Let’s Have A Discussion!

Let’s have a talk so we understand your situation & what products are suitable. Unsure of how much cover you need? Try our Life Insurance Calculator.

We Run A Comparison!

When we figure out what you need, we will run a comparison. Life Experts advised service will produce results from our panel of UK insurers.

You Pick What Suits You!

We will give you your results from our panel of insurers & will advise you on what would be the most suitable. We will provide all support & guidance needed.

What is a Life Insurance Broker?

A life insurance broker in the UK provides you with quotes from a panel of UK insurers for you to compare what policy would suit you bet.


You can use the expertise of a life insurance broker to help you find the most affordable, suitable, and valid life insurance policies in the UK.


Life Expert is FCA-regulated, and we don’t charge a fee for our advised service – get in touch today.


What Does a Life Insurance Broker do in the UK?

Life Expert - Insurance for UK Families, Whole of Life Insurance, Level Term Life Insurance, Decreasing Term Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover

We’ll walk you through the full procedure advising you on what policy suits you best based on your personal circumstances and within your budget.


Every stage of the application process is assisted by Life Expert, who can also respond to any queries you may have.


Using a life insurance broker can help you obtain the most suitable insurance coverage, according to the nine “great” reasons we’ve provided below.


Everyone wants to receive value for their money, or even better, find the most suitable life insurance policy that meets their budget.


But is using a broker for life insurance in the UK less expensive?


Brokers who specialise in life insurance in the UK go through a variety of products to assist you to find the most suitable insurance coverage that meets your budget.


Life Expert offers an advised service free of charge, and there is no need to go shopping around after speaking to us as we will have gone through all your options on what would be most suitable for you.


You might be wondering how life insurance brokers get compensated if we don’t charge a fee.


The life insurance companies will give the broker a commission on any sales they make.


Because of this, insurers would prefer that you contact them directly, and they may do so by providing life insurance along with freebies.


However, by going direct, you might pass up the best life insurance deals & quotes.


Always compare prices because even for the same amount of coverage, life insurance premiums can be very different.


Life insurance in the UK is now available through a wide range of brokers, not simply banks and building societies.


When you do your research on the life insurance market and are given hundreds of possibilities, this may be rather intimidating.


Directly approaching your bank, mortgage provider, or supermarket won’t ensure lower premiums either (as their offering can be limited).


A life insurance broker in the UK like Life Expert has access to a panel of UK insurers with various policy types such as life insurance, critical illness cover, income protection insurance and mortgage protection and will advise you on what is most suitable for you free of charge.


This enables us to focus your search so that it more closely matches your needs and those of your loved ones.


Do you understand the distinction between decreasing and level term life insurance in the UK? How does life assurance compare to life insurance? What is critical illness cover and income protection insurance?


It’s crucial to know all your options to ensure that your life insurance policy is genuine (and pays out!) and that you can rest easy knowing what you are and aren’t covered for.


By using a life insurance broker in the UK like Life Expert, you can communicate with a live person who can explain the technical terms used in life insurance.


Making everything a little bit more obvious than it could be with a comparison website online.


Our company, Life Expert, is categorised as an advised brokerage.


This means that we advise you on which life insurance policy is most suitable for you, how much cover you should have and what different types of policies you should have.


We’ll utilise the personal data you supply to discover a range of appropriate life insurance policy alternatives so you can make an informed choice.


You may also use our knowledgeable staff to help you grasp any life insurance jargon you don’t understand.


You can get a thorough grasp of how various life insurance products operate from a qualified life insurance broker in the UK like Life Expert.


We have the necessary information to assist you, from outlining the procedure for obtaining a life insurance policy to paying premiums and filing a claim.


This support can be quite beneficial because it’s unlikely that, unless you work in the sector, you’ll be familiar with all the details of life insurance in the UK.


We have a committed, complimentary customer care staff available to assist you with chores like creating a life insurance trust (for most applications).


Did you realise that you can avoid or significantly reduce the 40% inheritance tax by writing your policy in trust? For a quicker pay-out on your life insurance in the UK, why not avoid probate as well?


Your time is valuable whether you are a stay-at-home parent, a full-time employee, or retired.


When was the last time you had free time to sit down and complete a lengthy application form?


(If you don’t mess up and must start over, that is!) – Can’t recall? neither do I.


We can finish your life insurance application over the phone, giving you more time to pursue your interests.


You’ll want complete assurance that you’ve set up your coverage appropriately when purchasing life insurance in the UK to safeguard your loved ones, the home, your children and your income.


A qualified life insurance broker in the UK like Life Expert will make certain that all your important issues are addressed and that you are completely comfortable with your policy.


We will ask the proper questions to make sure we’re quoting you for the right product and that your cover is adequate and legitimate because we are aware of the usual hazards from experience.


This gives you peace of mind knowing that your family is completely safeguarded if you are no longer able to provide for them financially.


A life insurance broker in the UK like Life Expert can assist if your loved ones need to file a life insurance claim by speaking with your insurer directly and streamlining the procedure.


Having the assistance of a life insurance broker like Life Expert to guide you through the claim’s procedure is one less thing to worry about at a time when your loved ones are going through a difficult emotional time.


Being a financial company, insurance brokerages are required to be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).


This means that our service abides by the regulatory standards put in place to protect customers.

Life Expert are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (798095 & 943517).


Keep in mind that a life insurance broker in the UK represents you, the client, rather than the insurer.


How much do insurance brokers make; you may be wondering. Of course, that depends on the insurer and the policy.


At Life Expert, we generate revenue by receiving a commission from the insurance company.


The fact that we never charge a fee for our advised service is crucial for our clients. (However, some brokers charge.)


We think a competent life insurance broker should look out for your best interests and be attentive to your particular requirements.


When dealing with your life insurance broker, keep in mind that they are doing something for you.

Is it better to use a Life Insurance Broker in the UK?

Depending on your specific situation, using a life insurance broker in the UK like Life Expert may be preferable.


However, purchasing life insurance in the UK is considerably different than purchasing car, pet, or home insurance.


It’s a lot more personal.


Therefore, using an online automated comparison tool might not be the best option.


Even more so if you’re unaware of the type of coverage you require or the amount of life insurance you require.


This is where a life insurance broker in the UK with experience, like Life Expert, can really help.