Heart Disease Insurance

Have you struggled to life insurance with a pre-existing heart disease?

If you already have a health condition, finding insurance shouldn’t be challenging. We can relieve that tension and leave you with the insurance that you and your family deserve at Life Expert.


No matter what your personal circumstances are, applying through a broker like Life Expert can be your best option. We have a lot of expertise getting coverage for people with pre-existing medical illnesses if you are attempting to find insurance and you have a history of heart disease. We can provide you with all the information you need to apply for insurance while having a cardiac issue, as well as explain the application procedure and your options.

How Insurance For Patients With Heart Disease Works

If you do have a cardiac condition, you must state it on your life insurance application as well as if you were to apply for income protection or critical illness insurance.


To make a decision and determine the cost of your policy, the underwriters will need a complete medical history when you apply for life insurance.


You may be asked the following questions frequently about your cardiac condition:


  • When you were diagnosed

  • What symptoms you experience, how often and how severe

  • How you manage the symptoms

  • Any treatment you have had, or are due to receive

  • Any hospitalisation

  • Any related conditions

How Much Is Insurance With A Heart Condition

Life insurance premiums vary from person to person since each application is considered individually.

In order to determine your premium for ordinary policies, such as term life insurance, insurers will consider in your heart condition’s specifics as well as other important variables.


These factors include:


  • Your age

  • Your smoking status

  • Your health

  • Your lifestyle

  • Your family medical history

  • Your policy terms;

    – Cover length (the term)

    – Cover amount (the sum assured)

You’ll likely pay a high premium for typical life insurance as someone with a cardiac condition.


To lessen the risk of insuring you, insurers will load a certain percentage onto a typical rate.


The percentage amount will depend on how much risk you pose and how likely it is that a claim will be made.


Your age and occasionally whether you smoke affect how much you pay and the level of coverage you can get.


The price of life insurance with a cardiac problem might vary greatly between insurers.

Insurance With Heart Disease

As mentioned previously, life insurance can be available to people with heart disease.


However, it depends on your individual circumstances and the severity of your condition.


Some risk factors which can affect your eligibility for life cover, include:


  • Your age

  • Whether you smoke

  • Your cholesterol and blood pressure levels

  • Your activity levels

  • Your diet and alcohol consumption

  • Your family medical history

  • Being overweight or obese

Whist there are some factors which are beyond your control, it’s still important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to reduce your risk of a heart attack or heart failure in the future.


Insurers are more likely to approve your application if they see evidence that you’re making healthy lifestyle choices.


If your condition has led to angina, heart attack or heart failure then you’ll find it trickier to secure standard life insurance.


Alternatively, if you’re aged between 50 and 85 then you may consider an over 50s plan. This is because you don’t need to disclose your heart condition when applying for this type of policy.

Can You Get Insurance After A Heart Attack

Even if you’ve been turned down for coverage in the past, heart attack victims can still get life insurance.


Depending on your specific situation, Life Expert can offer you a variety of policy options.


Some of the factors which are taken into account by insurers include:


  • When the heart attack occurred

  • If there are any ongoing symptoms

  • Any treatment, surgery, and/or medication

  • Current blood pressure and cholesterol levels

  • If you have any other heart-related condition


In some cases, it may be difficult to secure life insurance after a heart attack. Especially if the episode was recent and you’re still in the recovery period.


As a result, it may be worthwhile waiting until you have fully recovered (and your risk of another episode has reduced) before applying for cover.


Heart attack victims are often referred to specialist insurers. Their policies are designed for people who struggle to get standard life insurance.


At Life Expert, our experts know the criteria for all the insurers we work with so we can present to you those who are most likely to accept your application.


What Is Considered High Blood Pressure For Life Insurance

A normal blood pressure reading will show systolic and diastolic readings under 140/90 mmHg.


If you have high blood pressure, your reading will show between 140/90 and 180/110 mmHg.


In regards to high blood pressure and life insurance, an applicant with a reading of less than 142/88 and not taking any medication is likely to secure cover on standard rates.


If your blood pressure is anything over 177/106 mmHg it’s most likely your application will be declined and you may be referred to a specialist insurer.

Can I Get Life Insurance If I Have Heart Failure?

If you have heart failure, it could be quite difficult to get ordinary life insurance.


Cardiac failure is one of the top causes of death in the UK, along with other cardiac illnesses.


A heart failure applicant can be deemed high-risk (or impaired risk) and can be declined. 


We are able to link your application with an insurer who could offer you insurance cover.


Additionally, you have the choice of a senior plan, which does not consider your medical history.


UK applicants between the ages of 50 and 85 are guaranteed acceptance, and the cost of premiums is based on your age, the amount of coverage, and occasionally your smoking status.

Compare Insurance With Heart Condition Quotes

Ultimately, it can be possible to secure insurance coverage if you have had a heart condition.


Our team at Life Expert can get you insurance coverage even though you may have had a heart condition or been declined in the past trying to secure life insurance.


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