Decreasing Term Life Insurance

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What is Decreasing Term Life Insurance in Belfast & Northern Ireland?

Decreasing-term life insurance in Belfast & Northern Ireland can provide a cash payout in the case of your passing and is intended to help protect a repayment mortgage or other similar debt.


When you purchase decreasing term life insurance, your coverage will last for a specific time frame, or “term.” The amount of overall coverage offered will decrease over time as you pay premiums either monthly or yearly. The pay-out will be zero at the conclusion of the policy.


In order to ensure that you have coverage in the case of your death and that the remaining mortgage can be paid off, the term should be the same length as the outstanding balance on your repayment mortgage. You may need to check your life insurance and possibly get new coverage if you make any modifications to your mortgage arrangements. Additionally, be sure the life insurance policy’s tenure is sufficient to cover the entire term of your mortgage.


Due to the nature of the policy, decreasing-term life insurance in Belfast & Northern Ireland is frequently less expensive than regular insurance. Unless you modify your policy, your payments with decreasing-term life insurance remain constant during the life insurance policy.

What are the pros & cons of decreasing term life insurance in Belfast & Northern Ireland?

There are several advantages to taking out decreasing term life insurance in Belfast & Northern Ireland, but whether it’s the right level of coverage for you will depend on your personal circumstances.


  • Cheaper to purchase: Compared to other types of life insurance, monthly premiums for decreasing term life insurance are frequently lower. This is because as a policy is in effect, the amount of coverage you require from an insurance provider decreases.
  • Safeguard your mortgage: People who have a repayment mortgage frequently choose decreasing term life insurance. The sum given out should roughly decrease in accordance with your mortgage. This ought to be plenty to allow your loved ones to live in the house even after you pass away.
  • Protect your family: If you have children, the amount of money they would need to receive if you or your partner passed away suddenly can decrease as they get older and more independent.


  • No use for interest-only mortgages: If you have an interest-only mortgage, decreasing term cover won’t help you. This is due to the payout from the policy decreasing each year, making it insufficient to pay off the interest-only mortgage debt, which remains constant for the duration of the mortgage term.
  • Decrease in value: Any claim on a decreasing term life insurance policy will typically be worth less with time. Check the interest rate of any quote to be sure that it won’t cause your life insurance to decline much more quickly than what you owe on your mortgage.
  • No maturity value: There won’t be a payout when the plan expires if you live past it.
  • The amount of cover might not be enough for everything: if your payout has reduced in value over time, it may not cover other things like outstanding debts, childcare, living expenses, or funeral costs.

Decreasing Term vs Level Term Life Insurance in Belfast & Northern Ireland

Decreasing term life insurance in Belfast & Northern Ireland is ideal for people who want to be protected for the balance of their home’s mortgage payment so that their loved ones can pay the remaining balance in the event of their death. A decreasing-term life insurance policy’s coverage decreases over time, roughly paralleling the balance of a repayment mortgage.


In the case of the policyholder’s death, level-term life insurance in Belfast & Northern Ireland pays out a predetermined fixed amount. It follows that the insurance does not decrease and might offer greater cover than is required to pay back a mortgage.


Any mortgage payments or other debt obligations won’t be directly covered by any sort of insurance; it’s up to the individual receiving the insurance to decide what to do with it.


Level-term life insurance in Belfast & Northern Ireland may be advantageous for people who have little debt and want to give their loved ones a lump sum of money when they pass away so they can use it in any way they see fit. The amount of insurance received in the case of death remains constant throughout the period of the policy with level term life insurance.

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Decreasing Term Life Insurance with Critical Illness Cover

It is often possible to add critical illness coverage to your decreasing-term life insurance plan, just like with other life insurance policies.


Critical illness insurance will cover you against falling seriously ill. If you are found to have a condition that is listed in your policy documentation, it may pay you a cash sum to assist with any financial obligations. This can include a heart attack, stroke, and several types of cancer.


Before adding critical illness insurance to your life insurance policy, it’s crucial to keep in mind that your monthly life insurance premiums will increase owing to the additional amount of insurance.

“If you’re repaying a mortgage, it can make a lot of sense to opt for decreasing term life insurance to cover your financial commitment. The amount the policy will pay out reduces over time, in line with the amount that you owe on the mortgage.”

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Who is Decreasing Term Life Insurance in Belfast & Northern Ireland for?

Decreasing-term life insurance policies can be a wonderful choice if you’re beginning a family as well as for those seeking a reliable mortgage repayment insurance option that will always cover the amount in line with how much is being paid on the mortgage.


The amount of the payout your children would require in the event of your or your partner’s passing can reduce as they mature and become independent. Ensuring they always have enough coverage while maintaining cheaper premiums than level-term life insurance plans is possible with a decreasing-term life insurance policy.


The fact that decreasing-term life insurance in Belfast & Northern Ireland is not recommended if you have an interest-only mortgage should not be overlooked. Decreasing term life insurance won’t fully protect you because the balance of an interest-only mortgage doesn’t change and stays the same until the conclusion of the term.


It is crucial to make sure that the amount of interest you pay on your life insurance premiums is in accordance with how much your coverage will depreciate in relation to your existing mortgage debt as the amount you are protected for reduces over time.

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